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Date Dog Breed Title Location Price Pic
Sep 30 Rottweiler AKC Rottweiler Pups Richmond Hill, GA $350
Sep 30 German Shepherd Dog German Shepard Puppies Pure Bred Richmond Hill, GA $350
Sep 28 Any Goldendoodle puppies for sale Liberty, SC $1200
Sep 28 Poodle Toy Poodles Asheville, NC $400
Sep 26 Any AKC Fawn Great Dane Puppies Belton, TX $800
Sep 25 Pomeranian Purebred Mini Pomeranian puppies Jacksonville, FL $300
Sep 21 Shih Tzu adorable shih tzu puppies Cypress, TX $399
Sep 21 Shih Tzu cute males shih tzu puppies Cypress, TX $599
Sep 15 Poodle Toy Poodle Dallas, TX $500
Sep 14 Rottweiler German Rottweilers for sale. Nashville, TN $1500 NO
Sep 6 Chihuahua Tiny Tea-Cup Chihuahua pups ( ONLY MALES McDonough, GA $350 NO
Sep 5 Beagle akc beagle pups Somerset, KY $150 NO
Sep 3 Dachshund batman Westville, OK $350
Sep 3 Doberman Pinscher Doberman puppies available Houston, TX $350
Sep 3 Any pitbull for sale Gulfport, MS $50 NO
Aug 28 Pit Bull FREE=SMART-COMPANION Ellenton, FL $0
Aug 27 Labrador Retriever AKC registered Lab puppies yelloe/white Polk City, FL $800
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